Why buy your baby blankets from us?

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There are so many different types of baby blankets and this is because there are so many different uses for them. Keeping a baby warm and snug in a pram, swaddling a baby to help comfort them or for use as a playmate or security blanket, the options are endless.

How to choose a baby blanket
The first thing to think about is the environment that the baby will be in. If they live in a warm climate then a muslin wrap (also known as a receiving blanket) will be enough for many different situations. These wraps are ridiculously useful things as they have so many different purposes. Mother’s often use them as a blanket, a swaddle, an aid for breast feeding or to clean up an unexpected spills, drools or other unexpected events (of which many occur when little ones are around!).

If, however, you live in a cold climate or if winter is around the corner then you might need something a little warmer. Crochet blankets are a wonderful idea for keeping babies warm whilst in a stroller and out and about with Mum. They are also useful around the house and are often used by Mum’s a playmat for their little ones.

If you are buying a blanket for a newborn then you might want to consider a swaddle wrap. Newborns love to feel safe and secure and using a swaddling blanket is a good way to achieve this. They come in all different shapes and sizes and often come with much-needed instructions for how to use them.

If the baby is a bit older then a baby quilt is a good option and can be used to lay out on the floor and provide a nice, soft play area for your baby to enjoy.

Security blankets are another option and these are often a combination of a soft toy and soft blanket material. These are used as comforters for children and those who do get attached, often carry them around well into their toddler years.

What type of material?
Baby bedding comes in a range of different materials, shapes and sizes. It can be a bit overwhelming when you start out so here;s some information to help you understand it all a bit better.

Cotton is one of the most popular materials for baby blankets. This is because it is cool, soft, absorbent and durable. All the important things for day-to-day use by your baby.

Muslin is open weave cotton fibre which is extremely breathable and soft to the touch. Muslim blankets are super absorbent and easy to clean making them a favourite among parents.

Fleece is made from polyester and is designed to insulate heat. The positives are that it is stain resistant and lightweight but many parents don’t like have synthetic fibres touching a baby’s skin so they are often used for layering in a pram to keep a baby warm.